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Save on admin costs

Rates clearance certificates are delivered directly to the Attorney's conveyancing system, eliminating additional postage and admin fees.

Receiving electronic rates clearance applications means less paperwork, fewer phone calls and faxes, and less printing.

Stay connected

Lexis RatesClearance is a 2-way messaging system that enables electronic communication including sending and receiving of the application, costs due, and the rates clearance certificate.

Communication is centralised, offering both parties an easy and comprehensive view of the rates application process.

Accurate and complete data

The information and format used in the rates clearance application is accepted for all legal documentation including the Deed of Transfer and the Power of Attorney.

Lexis RatesClearance integrates directly with all the major conveyancing software packages in South Africa.

Security, checked!

All Attorney messages are authorised using Gateway technology, the same technology used by major Banks.

Lexis RatesClearance uses SSL Encryption to create a secure channel for private communication over the internet.

Lexis RatesClearance enables you to choose different permission levels for staff members for improved control and management of authorised functionality.

Not yet on Lexis RatesClearance?
Are you an attorney firm looking to get rates clearance certificates without ever needing to leave the office?

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Are you a municipality looking to improve your rates clearance process?

Contact our Sales team for more information or to set up a demonstration.